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    ​Madden 21: Throwing Motion/Styles

    Subsequent to scouring here and Operation Sports, I understood that this theme isn't discussed that much if at any time. Likely on the grounds that there's just 12 tossing movements to look over and just 4-5 of them are unique...but in any case I will not accept >85% of the QBs are altogether Generic 1. You intend to disclose to me Devs plunked down and said "Yea, Kyler Murray, Matt Ryan, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, Ryan Tannehill, and so forth all have same tossing movement" (I'm joking, I realize that discussion never occurred in light of the fact that I'm presumably 1 of 14 individuals on the planet that care the slightest bit) 

    Has anybody attempted to alter it themselves for realness purpose? (inb4 "Simply go Slinger 1, Fastest toss NA") ex: I feel like Kyler Murray is more Slinger 2, Deshaun Watson appears to be more Slinger 3, conceded Slinger 3 is essentially suped up...

    Conventional 1

    It's simply extraordinary how in evident rankle design, in any event, screwing THROWING movements have followed the pattern of "being more top to bottom 10 years prior and quickly getting very shallow" ala establishment mode, and their whole game.

    At any rate, on the off chance that anybody has attempted to alter it and minded, would be enjoyable to perceive how individuals have made chicken plate of mixed greens from chicken crap.

    P.S. I attempted to simply image alter draft class dependent on irregular tossing repairman recordings, what I got (in the event that anybody wants to think about it)

    Trevor Lawrence - Generic 1/Traditional 1. Take your pick

    Justin Fields - Slinger 2

    Three pointer Lance - Generic 1ish

    Kyle Trask - Kinda tosses it weird...I'd surmise Generic 1? However, Traditional 1 kinda fits as well

    Macintosh Jones - Slinger 4 kinda

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