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MMOExp POE: ​This league is amazing

Dec-18-2019 PST path of exile

GGG accept outdone themselves. Loving the new Atlas system, it is no best advantageous to dump all added assistant being on a individual map and run it afresh and again, or to carefully uncomplete maps. Accepting to dynamically bandy watchstones in and out makes the endgame fun and engaging, in fact accepting to plan which maps to run to advance my Atlas is great.

Also metamorph fights are alarming in plan and in execution. The abandoned botheration with this league is aggravating to accumulate clue of which organs are which and/or acrimonious up everything, but they will fix that this week. It aswell looks like absolutely commutual the Atlas is traveling to yield a loooong time.

Great league, I'm because affairs adherent packs for the aboriginal time! And I'm actual abashed with the atlas. I'm L86, still in white maps and not advanced to chicken maps, let abandoned red. I just dont apperceive if to do what and it is actual arresting for me.

haHAArambe told me that... It's apparently answered already but...

1 - Kill elderslayers in the 4 corners(outer zones) by active 3 altered maps in the alien zones. Get a watchstone and atrium it in the close zones, echo for all 4 corners.

2 - Afterwards accepting alveolate all close zones with 1 watchstone, do t4-5 maps in alien zones to get map drops from close area that are upgraded. Run those maps and echo the process, killing the elderslayers in the close zones, socketing the alien zones one by one.

3 - If you accept 8 watchstones, atrium 6 zones(lower zones) with a watchstone and 1 area with 2 watchstones(higher zone).

4 - Run maps in said lower zones & run lower area maps adjoining to college zone, get college area map drops.

5 - Do college area maps and acreage for added college area maps.

6 - Get added maps in college zone.

7 - Kill elderslayer in college zone, get new watchstone, echo this action from footfall 3. socketing added watchstones every time.

Zones with a watchstone will not spawn an elderslayer if you run the low bank maps in the zone. Consistently run the map bank agnate to what it says on the Atlas that is bare to spawn an elderslayer, and buy POE currency find us on google, so easy, just search "MMOExp POE Currency", thank you .