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​My greatest wish for Madden 22

May-11-2021 PST Madden 22

Is a genuine mentor mode for establishment. Where the player calls the play and pre-snap, and the CPU takes over after the snap. I wouldn't fret the regulator jokes in MUT, however what I for one need from establishment is a practical reproduction experience. 

Indeed, we have a "mentor mode" presently, however there are various issues with it:

- On offense, your QB won't execute a run alternative or scramble with the ball. On the off chance that you select and lock a recipient, they won't run their course and simply stop. 

- On safeguard, your chose protector: if a lineman, won't utilize any surge moves. On the off chance that a back, won't move except if you hold guarded help, and this makes them change to man safeguard. 

- Kicks punts actually should be pointed physically.

- There is no real way to implement mentor mode for different clients in a multi-player alliance.

EA, kindly bring a genuine mentor mode that fixes these issues. This would be gigantic for establishment players. Also, i suggest that best Madden 22 coins & Mut 22 coins for sale on MMOexp.com, so great service.