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​PinkRGR's irregular cash association stories cont

Nov-25-2021 PST Madden 22

I joined this association, correct? I got a decent group... I'm stirred up like these children session to stack these packs going house to house asking for candy type stirred up.

Calmly trusting that FA will open... I get some great ones... about ones I'm prepared to ride or pass on with... we going to screwing war.

Commish says we going to hold at cut stage... I'm similar to cool - let me think on who ima cut while I'm utilizing my kids to get free candy on these roads.. going to put my regulator down feeling fly af.

All of abrupt... screen streaks, my stomach drops... I'm wiped out, I'm thinking no screwing way at this moment.

"Week 1" springs up on my screen - I'm in a frenzy, froze... My mind can't appreciate what simply occurred. We were simply on cut stage for an entire 2 mins... I check my program size... 53/53... 22 my young men simply straight butchered... they gone.

I race to FA hysterically looking for my executioners... gone... every one of them gone.

Commish goes "oh no" my awful simmed to week 1... continues to post week 1 timetable and play his game like ain't crap simply occurred.

Like he ain't simply murder a large portion of my family... Like this simply one more screwing day to him.

Also, to exacerbate the situation my young men that got removed my list were erased off the game... They left the association and I ain't will let them know the amount I minded session them and they won't ever beauty one more list in that CFM... straight DELETED.

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