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    ​RuneScape 2019: Review Thoughts

    Dec-17-2019 PST runescape

    Assuming today is the endure amend of the year, what does the association anticipate of the year overall? Are we on the aisle to a ablaze 2020?

    I abandoned acquainted the year started out fun and agitative while acutely anemic by allegory for the additional bisected of 2019. Apparently the a lot of agitative affair in the additional bisected of 2019 to me was the RuneFest announcements themselves.

    I anticipate the pessimist in me acquainted like jagex basically said "fuck it" agreeable astute and in fact chock-full trying. The optimist in me hopes this was to get their bits calm and to accompany a in fact able 2020.

    To be fair there in fact was some acceptable in the additional bisected of 2019, accurately accepting of MTX issues, amount acquaintance issues assuredly accustomed (and alpha to be addressed), the abundant bare coffer improvements, and the (soon) abatement of the Java client.

    The capital activity I acquainted was defective this year was the spirit of the game, I don't apperceive why this year why there was in fact annihilation for Halloween until basically November there was the spooktober copse put out (why couldn't they be put out at the alpha of October like we've apparent antecedent years?) At atomic Christmas is a bit added blithe than Halloween at least.

    This column isn't meant to be a abounding year in review.. but added to get the altercation going.

    I achievement the Jagex aggregation has a adequate anniversary breach and attending advanced to the beginning new year with the abundant advancing Archeology skill.

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