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Unleash the Power of Chaos: A Path of Exile Build Guide

Apr-03-2024 PST path of exile

Welcome to the guide, Path of Exile! Whether you're venturing into the realms of Wraeclast for the first time or seeking to bolster your arsenal after the latest patch, this comprehensive build guide has you covered. Please note that the information provided here pertains to Patch 3.9, the Metamorph League.

Unleash the Power of Chaos: A Path of Exile Build Guide

Feeling a bit soulless lately? Maybe tricked out of your stride in combat? Or perhaps you're simply craving the potent allure of power. In any case, allow me to introduce you to a build that's as captivating as it is effective—the Lowlife Soul-Sucking Trickster. Chaos damage over time builds have long reigned as stalwart choices for league starters, and this one is no exception. With a focus on Soul Rend augmented by the versatile Bane, this build offers both flexibility and potency, making it an ideal choice for traversing the treacherous landscapes of Wraeclast.

Build Flexibility and Viability

This build thrives on adaptability. Whether you're delving into the depths of the Abyss or facing off against the most formidable bosses, the Lowlife Soul-Sucking Trickster can be tailored to suit your playstyle. While Soul Rend takes center stage, you're free to experiment with other chaos damage over time skills such as Essence Drain, Contagion, or Blight. The choice is yours, allowing for a personalized approach to unleashing chaos upon your foes.

From Humble Beginnings to Endgame Ascendancy

Embarking on this journey is surprisingly accessible. With an initial focus on life and Mind Over Matter, you can dive into the fray with minimal investment. As currency accrues, transitioning to the lowlife variant becomes a tantalizing option, amplifying both damage output and survivability. The build guide provides paths for both iterations, ensuring that you can embark on your chosen path with confidence.

The Trickster Ascendancy

Central to this build's success is the Trickster ascendancy. Offering a blend of damage, defense, and utility, the Trickster proves to be a formidable choice for both mapping and boss encounters. Key nodes such as Weave the Arcane, Patient Reaper, and Ghost Dance synergize harmoniously, providing a potent combination of offense and defense.

Optimized Passive Tree and Gear Selection

The passive tree emphasizes energy shield scaling and damage amplification, culminating in a formidable presence on the battlefield. Gear selection is paramount, with items such as Chayula's Wrappings serving as linchpins for survival in the lowlife variant. From rare affixes to unique items, every piece of gear contributes to the build's overall effectiveness.

Gem Links and Flask Recommendations

Strategic gem links augment your skills, maximizing their potential for devastation. Flasks offer additional layers of defense and utility, ensuring that you remain one step ahead of your adversaries. Whether it's spreading despair with a well-placed curse or fortifying your defenses with a Basalt Flask, each choice plays a crucial role in your success.


In the ever-shifting landscape of Wraeclast, adaptability is key. The Lowlife Soul-Sucking Trickster offers a compelling blend of power, versatility, and survivability, making it a worthy contender for any Exile seeking to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. So, heed the call of chaos, embrace the darkness within, and embark on a journey that will leave your enemies trembling in fear.

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MMOexp POE Team