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Efficient Strategies for Advancing Your Expertise in New World

Nov-10-2023 PST New World

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on mastering the Expertise System in New World (formerly known as High Water Mark). In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Expertise System and unveil the most effective methods to elevate your expertise, allowing you to flourish in the endgame content.

Efficient Strategies for Advancing Your Expertise in New World

The Expertise System is the pivotal gear progression mechanism designed exclusively for Level 60 characters. Upon reaching Level 60, you'll find that most of the gear available to you has a Gear Score of 500. The Expertise System provides you with a means to gradually enhance your gear, eventually reaching the maximum Gear Score of 600.

Every piece of gear you obtain has the potential to elevate your current Expertise Level towards the coveted 600 milestone. This boost is aptly referred to as a "bump." Each bump guarantees a minimum increase of 2 Expertise, with a maximum cap of 5 Expertise. On average, you can anticipate around 35 bumps to elevate any item from a Gear Score of 500 to the pinnacle of 600.

Notably, different weapon types and equipment categories progress independently within this system. This results in a total of 20 unique Expertise levels that your character can develop—12 for weapons and 8 for armor and trinkets.

A noteworthy addition to this system, aimed at alleviating the reliance on random drops, is the Gypsum Crafting System.

The Significance of Expertise on Gear Scaling

Expertise plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of weapons and armor acquired through trade that surpasses your current Expertise level. It's important to note that certain exceptions have been introduced for self-crafted items, quest rewards, and Faction Shop purchases. These exceptions exclude them from the influence of the Expertise System, leaving only traded items affected by this mechanism.

This system is designed to encourage players to either craft their own gear or gradually adapt to the Expertise System by downscaling market-purchased items to align with their current Expertise level. As your Expertise increases with the acquisition of gear through drops, these items will naturally scale up to their intended statistics.

However, it's essential to acknowledge that this particular aspect of the system has sparked considerable debate within the gaming community. The future of this feature remains uncertain, with significant feedback and backlash prompting the developers at AGS to reconsider its implementation. Nevertheless, if it does go live as initially proposed, it's unlikely to substantially impact existing players for an extended period. However, it will be a prominent feature in the gaming experience for newcomers.

Unlocking the Potential of Gypsum Crafting

The Gypsum Crafting system is a novel endgame feature that grants players greater control over their Expertise Bumps. This system introduces more reliable and daily obtainable Expertise Bumps, reducing the need for relentless grinding.

To participate in the Gypsum Crafting system, players must engage in various in-game activities. These activities range from vanquishing mobs to honing their trade skills, and even joining Outpost Rush or in-game events. Each activity is linked to a unique color of Gypsum, which can be earned daily through the corresponding activity. At any given time, there are eight distinct varieties of Gypsum available, with a ninth variety exclusively accessible during special events.

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