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New World Heartrunes

Apr-12-2024 PST New World

Heartrunes are items that offer abilities in the New World game. It’s much like a weapon that needs to be attached to the same slot. The first one can be earned by completing the quest called Secrets of the Heartgem.


To begin this quest, speak to the NPC called Anna Rose who can be found at the Palace of Nekhbet. She’ll also give you the basic information that you need to know as a beginner about Heartrunes. Note that this is a side-quest which will only be available once you progress further into the Past Prologue quest.


Types of Heartrunes

While there is one single type of rune for the Minor & Major categories, there are a total of 27 runes for the Legendary one. With 3 categories for each rune and 9 different types, the perks change despondingly.

Primal Fury


Primal Fury makes you enraged, and upon attacking your targets within a 3m radius, you end up dealing 150% Heartrune damage. Here’s what you have to do: when the ability is active, use light attacks for 100% Heartrune damage, then heavy attacks for 120%, and finally end it with the same attack for 150% damage. Primal Fury Heartrune also requires the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.

Types: Cunning Primal Fury, Stalwart Primal Fury, and Brutal Primal Fury.

The Devourer


The Devourer allows you to summon a powerful beast 15m away. It deals about 40% Heartrune damage while pushing and knocking down your targets who are within a 2.5m radius. When the beast emerges, a follow-up chomp attack is triggered that deals 100% Heartrune damage to those within a 2m radius.

Types: Cunning Devourer, Stalwart Devourer, and Brutal Devourer.

Fire Storm


Fire Storm allows you to cast a fire tornado that travels up to 17m. It deals 100% Heartrune damage and inflicts burn to its targets. The burn also deals 30% Heartrune damage for about 6 seconds. If you have any allies within the casted ability, they’ll get a 10% empowerment for 6 seconds.

Types: Cunning Fire Storm, Stalwart Fire Storm, and Brutal Bile Bomb.

Grasping Vines


Grasping Vines allows you to root enemies who are within a 4m radius. A total of 100% Heartrune damage is dealt with for 3 seconds.

Types: Cunning Grasping Vines, Stalwart Grasping Vines, and Brutal Bile Bomb.



Stoneform allows you to harden the body of your character with layers of stones. It also helps cleanse any de-buffs cast upon you and grants stagger, as well as crowd control de-buffs for about 5 seconds.

Types: Cunning Stoneform, Stalwart Stoneform, and Brutal Stoneform.

Dark Ascent


Dark Ascent allows you to fly up in the air and plummet back down to the ground. This causes a powerful impact on the enemies within a 3m radius. A total of 100% Heartrune damage is dealt on impact.

Types: Cunning Dark Ascent, Stalwart Dark Ascent, and Brutal Dark Ascent.

Cannon Blast


Cannon Blast allows you to summon a powerful cannon. This weapon fires a long-range shot that deals 100% Heartrune damage on direct hits.

Types: Cunning Cannon Blast, Stalwart Cannon Blast, and Brutal Cannon Blast.



Detonate allows you to charge yourself with explosive energy for about 3 seconds. The end result is energy detonation which deals 100% Heartrune damage to enemies within a 5m radius. 

Types: Cunning Detonate, Stalwart Detonate, and Brutal Detonate.

Bile Bomb


A Bile Bomb spits out a corrosive bile to create a disease cloud of a 3.5m radius. The impact stays for about 3 seconds and whoever gets affected deals 100% Heartrune damage, as well as reduces 30% of their healing ability for 8 seconds.

Types: Cunning Bile Bomb, Stalwart Bile Bomb, and Brutal Bile Bomb.

How to Obtain Heartrunes?


To obtain a Heartrune, you must first obtain the minor variant of it. The Minor Heartrunes can be obtained from expeditions, or you can craft them with the materials obtained when expediting.

Minor Heart Runes

Minor Heartrune of Cannon Blast, Minor Heartrune of Dark Ascent, Minor Heartrune of Grasping Vines, Minor Heartrune of Detonate, Minor Heartrune of Stoneform, Minor Heartrune of Bile Bomb, Minor Heartune of Fire Storm, Minor Heartrune of the Devourer, and Minor Heartrune of Primal Fury.

Major Heart Runes

Major Heartrune of Cannon Blast, Major Heartrune of Dark Ascent, Major Heartrune of Fire Storm, Major Heartrune of Grasping Vines, Major Heartrune of Detonate, Major Heartrune of the Devourer, Major Heartrune of Stoneform, Major Heartrune of Bile Bomb, and Major Heartrune of Primal Fury.

Legendary Heart Runes

Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform, Cunning Heartrune of Detonate, Cunning Heartrune of Fire Storm, Cunning Heartrune of Grasping Vines, Cunning Heartrune of Dark Ascent, Cunning Heartrune of the Devourer, and Cunning Heartrune of Cannon Blast.

Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform, Stalwart Heartrune of Detonate, Stalwart Heartrune of Fire Storm, Stalwart Heartrune of Grasping Vines, Stalwart Heartrune of Dark Ascent, Stalwart Heartrune of the Devourer, and Stalwart Heartrune of Cannon Blast.

Brutal Heartrune of Stoneform, Brutal Heartrune of Detonate, Brutal Heartrune of Fire Storm, Brutal Heartrune of Grasping Vines, Brutal Heartrune of Dark Ascent, Brutal Heartrune of the Devourer, and Brutal Heartrune of Cannon Blast.

700 Gear Score

To obtain a 700-GEAR SCORE LEGENDARY VERSION, you need to have the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion unlocked. Other than that, you need to have the previous 625V too. Lastly, you’ll need the following items to go with it: 50 Gypsum Orbs, 25 Runic Voidstones, 25 Mythril Ingot/ Dark Leather/Runewood Planks, and 75 Vials of Suspended Azoth.

How to use Heart runes?


Once you have a Rune in your inventory under the Runes category, simply equip it into the desired weapon slot to activate the perks. You can always switch them at any point of time within the game. The icon at the bottom of the screen will indicate which Rune you currently have equipped.

Your ultimate meter will be filled as you use light and heavy attacks, but the same won’t happen if you’re being damaged. Once the meter fills up, you can use the default G key to activate the rune. There’s no cooldown timer for the ability, so must fill it back up once the activation depletes the bar.
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