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New World Protector Arena

May-09-2024 PST New World

The Protector Arena is an end-game content developed for a 5-man team to complete. It is located in the northern part of Reekwater (north of the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition).


Upon entering the Protector Arena, you’ll be facing a level 66 boss called Avarice which is a part of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Similar to other PVE areas in the New World game, you will require an orb to access the Protector Arena.


Obviously, the Tuning Orb will get consumed once you enter the Protector Arena, but the good thing is that only a single player in the group needs a Tuning Orb to enter. To know how to defeat the Protector Arena’s boss, continue to read ahead.

Tuning Orb


You can obtain the Tuning Orb by completing the questline that starts with the ‘On Flora Fauna’ quest. This quest can be started by speaking to the NPC called Madilon Langlais, who is located in Reekwater.


Keep following the questline until you reach The Eternal Pool (Elite). Make sure you have a group ready because the quest cannot be soloed. The objective is to defeat a level 66 Elite Bear called The Pride of Trees. He’s the one who drops the Turing Orb that can be used to enter the Protector Arena.


Alternatively, you can choose to kill Elite AI enemies located in Malevolence, Eternal Pool, Forecastle Drift, or Spires of Melpomene. However, the drop rate of the Tuning Orb is quite low here.


You also have the option to craft the Protector Tuning Orb using the Stonecutting Profession. To craft a Tuning Orb, you’ll need to have your Stonecutting level at 50 or above. Besides that, you’ll need to use a Tier 4 Stonecutting Station. Do note that there is a limit to crafting 5 orbs at a time. Doing so will add a 7-day timer to craft them again.

Consumables & Trophies


Being a part of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, you’ll need the following consumables to maximize your damage output while fighting against Avarice – Infused Angry Earth Coating, Powerful Honing Stone, and Angry Earth Combat Trophy. For additional Damage Mitigation, you can always use an Angry Earth Ward Potion.

Weapons & Damage Types


To maximize your damage output for an Angry Earth boss, you need to utilize weapons that deal with Fire and Slash damage. You can always refer to a Damage/Mob Type quick chart to understand the damage type against each mob type.


Here’s a quick breakdown for you: Ancients are weak to Strike, Void, and Lightning damage. Corrupted are weak to Thrust, Nature, and Arcane damage. Angry Earth mobs are weak to Slash and Fire damage. The Lost are weak to Strike, Ice, and Nature damage. Varangians are weak to Slash damage. And, Beasts are weak to Thrust damage.



On entering the Protector Arena, you’ll be facing off against the boss called Avarice. The fight begins as you note glowing white pylons that spawn around at the edge of the room. Avarice reaches the ground every minute to spawn several Ads. If you don’t kill them on time, then Avarice will eat the remaining to gain empowerment. This will increase the overall damage dealt. Make sure you have enough DPS to defeat the Ads as quickly as possible. Also, if he eats enough of the nearby mobs, he’ll then start one-shot killing you and your allies.


But, if you activate one of the glowing white pylons in the arena, then his buffs from eating the mobs will lower. These pylons are basically a failsafe if you can’t kill the nearby mobs in time. If the boss gets 3 to 5 stacks of empowerment, then we recommend using a pylon to have it dropped.

Do have your DPS use a Great Axe during the fight, as it helps group up the Ads via the Gravity Well skill. The axe also increases damage against those who are of the Angry Earth type.

Notable Mechanics


Avarice will, every now and then, reach into the group and pull out a large spike. This attack will be hurled at one of the Ranged party members. You can easily recognize and avoid this attack through an animation before the strike.


Avarice will also clap his handle to summon a large spike right from the ground. Make sure you dodge this ability by watching the animation carefully, or you’ll end up heavily damaged.

Avarice also slams his fists into the ground to cause a rupture. This deals AOE damage to those around him. Before the ability is about to be triggered, you’ll be able to see a cage spawn near Avarice and can avoid it accordingly. Just keep your Ranged-style party members away from the range of the AOE.


In simpler words, Tanks gain AGGRO, and the DPS deals damage to a certain point until Avarice starts summoning Ads. What you need to do is simply kill the Ads before the boss can consume them to gain stacks of empowerment. If that happens, use pylons to lower the buffs. Lastly, DPS continues to deal damage until the boss is defeated.

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MMOexp New World Team