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A Comprehensive Ranking of the Best Heartrune Gem Abilities in New World

Dec-08-2023 PST New World

In the vast expanse of the open-world MMO, New World, mastering weapon abilities is the key to conquering both player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) challenges. As players navigate the intricate combat system, the incorporation of Heartrune Gems becomes a pivotal aspect of shaping their playstyle. These gems introduce additional skills that can turn the tide of battle, offering debuffs, damage mitigation, and area-of-effect (AOE) prowess. In this guide, we delve into the top-ranked Heartrune Gem abilities, ensuring players make informed choices to enhance their combat dominance.

A Comprehensive Ranking of the Best Heartrune Gem Abilities in New World

Understanding the Significance of Heartrune Gems:

In New World, players can wield two weapons simultaneously, each equipped with three abilities. This configuration grants them a total of six abilities to strategically employ during combat. The Heartrune Gem acts as a game-changer, providing an extra skill that can complement and solidify a player's chosen playstyle. From unleashing devastating debuffs to bolstering damage mitigation, these gems add an extra layer of complexity to the combat dynamics.

Ranked Heartrune Gem Abilities:


Kicking off our ranking is Detonate, a Heartrune Gem ability that brings explosive power to the battlefield. While it may not secure the top spot, Detonate offers utility in disrupting enemy strategies. This skill can create opportunities for coordinated attacks and surprise maneuvers, making it a valuable addition for players who favor tactical gameplay.

Cannon Blast:

Stepping into the middle ground is Cannon Blast, a gem that resonates with destructive force. This ability excels in dealing substantial damage to adversaries, making it a formidable choice for players who prioritize offense. When strategically incorporated into a combat rotation, Cannon Blast can turn the tide of battle and leave opponents reeling.

Stone Form:

Stone Form secures the fourth position on our ranking, offering a defensive edge to players seeking resilience on the battlefield. This gem enhances damage mitigation, providing a crucial layer of protection against enemy onslaughts. With the ability to withstand more punishment, players can adopt a robust frontline role, making Stone Form a valuable asset in various scenarios.

Dark Ascent:

Claiming the bronze position is Dark Ascent, a Heartrune Gem ability that introduces a mystical touch to combat. Dark Ascent's strength lies in its ability to inflict potent debuffs on adversaries, disrupting their effectiveness in battle. For players who thrive on strategic debilitation and controlling the pace of engagements, Dark Ascent stands as a compelling choice.

Grasping Vines:

Securing the silver spot is Grasping Vines, an ability that intertwines nature's power with tactical prowess. This gem manifests as a potent crowd control tool, immobilizing and restraining foes. In both PvP and PvE scenarios, Grasping Vines shines by creating opportunities for coordinated attacks or providing crucial moments of respite for overwhelmed players.

Bile Bomb:

Earning the coveted top position is Bile Bomb, a Heartrune Gem ability that unleashes chaos on the battlefield. Bile Bomb excels in AOE damage, making it a force to be reckoned with in both group engagements and solo encounters. The ability to disrupt multiple foes simultaneously cements Bile Bomb as the go-to choice for players who seek unparalleled damage potential.

In the intricate realm of New World's combat dynamics, the choice of Heartrune Gem abilities significantly influences a player's effectiveness on the battlefield. While Detonate, Cannon Blast, Stone Form, Dark Ascent, Grasping Vines, and Bile Bomb all bring unique strengths to the table, it's crucial for players to align their gem selection with their preferred playstyle and strategic goals. By purchasing New World Gold from MMOexp, players can elevate their combat prowess and dominate the challenges that await in the expansive world of New World.

MMOexp New World Team