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Is New World worth playing in 2024

Jan-12-2024 PST New World

New World, the MMORPG developed by Amazon Game Studios, has come a long way since its rocky release in 2021. Initially met with criticism for repetitive gameplay, unfulfilling grinds, and a convoluted endgame system, the game has undergone significant improvements. With a series of updates and bug fixes, New World has earned the title of "Most Improved Game" in 2022. In this guide, we will delve into the changes that have transformed New World and explore whether it's worth playing in its current state.

Is New World worth playing in 2024

Changes to the Grind

One of the primary concerns voiced by players at launch was the excessive grind required to progress beyond level 30. The experience required to level up felt insurmountable, and players often found themselves stuck in a monotonous cycle of completing the same three quests and battling identical enemies in each area.

Fortunately, the developers have listened to player feedback and addressed these issues. The experience needed to reach the maximum level of 60 has been halved, significantly reducing the grind. Quests have been optimized and diversified, resulting in a more enjoyable leveling experience. Moreover, players now have the flexibility to progress through the game in a way that aligns with their preferred playstyle, whether it's through PvP, PvE, or crafting. However, it's worth noting that resource gathering and crafting may still require more time and effort to level up compared to other methods.

Revamped Endgame Systems

Another aspect of the game that received criticism at launch was the convoluted endgame system. Previously, players had to rely on watermarks to determine the potential Gear Score of dropped items. Increasing the watermark involved obtaining items with higher gear scores, but buying, crafting, or trading items would not contribute to this progression. This reliance on random number generation (RNG) and specific PvE activities for advancement hindered players' progress and led to frustration.

Fortunately, updates to the game have simplified the endgame system. Players can now level up their gear slots, enabling them to utilize higher-scored equipment. This change also allows players to rely on crafted armor and accessories, providing a viable alternative to RNG-based world drops. The simplified endgame system has been well-received by players, offering more accessible progression and reducing the reliance on luck-based mechanics.

PvP, PvE, and Other Activities

PvP remains a crucial component of New World, and the game has seen some optimizations regarding Territory Wars and Outpost Rushes. While these changes have improved the PvP experience, they are not as significant as the improvements made to the grind and endgame systems. Additionally, the developers have been diligent in addressing and patching out any exploits discovered by players, ensuring a fair and balanced competitive environment.

A recent addition to the game is the PvP arena, which offers rewards in the form of mystery boxes. However, the reliance on RNG for rewards has made it challenging for players to make personal progress through arena participation. This aspect of the game could benefit from further refinement to provide more satisfying rewards and progression.

On the PvE side, New World still struggles with repetition, but the introduction of new expeditions and areas has alleviated this issue to some extent. For example, the addition of "The Tempest's Heart" has proven to be a challenging and exciting content update. However, players seeking a more diverse and dynamic PvE experience may still find the game lacking in this regard.

Gathering resources for crafting and fishing activities remain enjoyable and fulfilling in New World. Crafting items can be a rewarding endeavor, allowing players to create valuable equipment and goods. However, the high-level crafting process can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring significant dedication and patience. Therefore, buying New World Coins from MMOexp has become a more preferred way for players.

Is New World Worth Playing?

With the numerous updates and improvements made since its initial release, New World has transformed into a more engaging and accessible MMORPG. The changes to the grind, endgame systems, and PvP have addressed some of the major concerns expressed by players. While the game still has areas that could benefit from further refinement, such as the PvE experience and high-level crafting, the overall improvements have made New World a more enjoyable and worthwhile gaming experience for both new and returning players. If you're a fan of MMOs and can appreciate the captivating world and PvP-focused gameplay, New World is definitely worth considering for your gaming adventures.

MMOexp New World Team