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New World Mutation Guide: Mastering Mutated Expeditions

Jan-10-2024 PST New World

Are you ready to take on the enhanced challenges of mutated expeditions in New World? This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about mutations, their types, rewards, and strategies for success. Prepare yourself for an exciting and demanding gameplay experience!

New World Mutation Guide: Mastering Mutated Expeditions

Understanding Mutations in New World

Mutations in New World introduce a more intense and engaging version of existing expeditions, specifically designed for dungeons around Level 60, such as Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and Lazarus Instrumentality. These expeditions undergo a series of mutations that create dynamic and challenging gameplay experiences, enhancing the original versions.

There are three levels of difficulty for mutated expeditions. Level 1 features a single set of mutations, while Level 3 has three fully upgraded mutation sets. As you progress through the difficulty levels, the challenges become more complex and demanding, but the rewards also increase. The mutations introduce elemental variations, promotion effects, and curses to the dungeons, transforming encounters and requiring different strategies for success.

Gear score recommendations are provided for each difficulty level, impacting enemy scaling and your chances of success. Combat scaling is individualized for each player, making the challenge even more personalized. This means that the difficulty of mutated expeditions goes beyond increased enemy health and damage, providing a unique experience for every player.

Preparing for Mutated Expeditions

To prepare for mutated expeditions, you can hover over the expedition on the minimap to get an overview of the active mutations. This allows you to plan and equip the necessary gear to counter the active mutators without physically visiting the expedition entrance. It's crucial to adapt your loadout and playstyle to the active mutations to maximize your chances of success.

Mutated expeditions rotate weekly, with two different expeditions undergoing mutations. This provides variety and keeps the gameplay fresh. To find or recruit players for these expeditions, you can use specific message formats like "LFG (Looking for Group) MX (Expedition Name)," where 'X' represents the desired difficulty level. For example, "LFG M3 Lazarus" indicates that you want to run Difficulty 3 in Lazarus.

Accessing Mutated Expeditions

Participating in mutated expeditions requires meeting certain requirements and understanding the limitations involved.

To enter the Difficulty 1 mutated expedition, you must first obtain a Codex from the standard version of the expedition. However, if you receive an invitation to join a group with access to mutations, successfully completing the mutation tasks will grant you a Codex and unlock the initial level of mutations.

To access mutated expeditions, a group member must reach the expedition entrance or use the group finder option. Once there, this player can initialize the expedition, allowing other group members to join from their current locations on the map.

It's important to note that there is a weekly cap of 35 runs for mutated expeditions per player. This limitation ensures that players have a balanced and fair opportunity to engage with mutated content.

Maximizing Your Mutated Expedition Experience

By understanding the prerequisites and restrictions associated with accessing mutated expeditions, you can effectively organize your efforts, build reliable groups, and optimize your weekly participation. Communication and coordination with your group members are key to overcoming the challenges presented by mutations. Share information about active mutations, coordinate loadouts, and develop strategies to tackle the mutated dungeons successfully.

Remember to adapt your playstyle and gear to counter the active mutators. Experiment with different strategies, learn from your failures, and continuously improve your approach. With dedication and perseverance, you'll become a master of mutated expeditions in New World.

Prepare for the Mutated Challenges Ahead

The world of New World is evolving, and so must you. Buy cheap New World Gold from MMOexp and use this guide as your companion to navigate the intricacies of mutated expeditions and emerge victorious. Good luck, adventurer!

MMOexp New World Team