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The Best Gathering Builds in New World

Dec-25-2023 PST New World

New World, a vibrant and expansive MMORPG, offers players a world filled with exploration, adventure, and resource gathering. As you navigate through intricate landscapes and lush terrains, optimizing your resource collection becomes crucial. In this guide, we will explore the top five gathering builds in New World, each with its own unique attributes and advantages.

The Best Gathering Builds in New World

1.Hatchet and Bow Build: Swift Movement and Speed Buffs

The Hatchet and Bow build is widely regarded as the best weapon combination for swift movement across the map. To excel in this build, focus on maximizing your weapon abilities and the speed buffs they offer. Aim to allocate 150 points each to Strength and Dexterity, along with 100 points in Constitution.

The Hatchet serves as your primary weapon, while the Bow acts as your secondary weapon. Prioritize selecting abilities and perks that provide speed boosts and extra stamina. Unlock the Range perk to pull mobs from a greater distance, allowing for efficient gathering.

Utilize the Hatchet's Berserk ability to gain a 20-speed boost whenever you have more than 50 stamina. Additionally, take advantage of the extra 10-speed boost granted by dodge rolling with your Bow.

2.Rapier and Bow Build: Dexterity for Efficient Gathering

The Rapier and Bow build focuses on maximizing your Dexterity skill. Aim to reach a Dexterity level of 200 to effectively one-shot animals, skin them, and obtain materials for crafting various items. By reaching level 60, you should have 300 points in Dexterity and 100 points in Constitution.

Equip the Rapier as your primary weapon and the Bow as your secondary weapon, employing the same set of abilities as in the Hatchet and Bow build.

This build is ideal for efficient gathering and is one of the fastest in the game. Utilize the Rapier's fleet ability for a quick dash, and combine it with the Evade ability to gain an increased speed boost and 20 additional stamina. Dodge rolling with the Bow will provide you with all the speed buffs necessary for swift movement.

3.Life Staff and Hatchet Build: Balancing Survival and Speed

The Life Staff and Hatchet build focuses on achieving 150 points in Focus and 150 points in Strength. By level 60, aim for 150 points in Strength, 200 points in Focus, and 50 points in Constitution.

Opt for full light armor to maximize mobility. The Life Staff serves as your primary weapon, while the Hatchet with the Berserk ability acts as your secondary option.

While this build may not offer as much speed as the previous ones, it provides excellent survivability. The Life Staff enables you to solo elite bosses and offers self-healing, reducing the need for crafting healing potions. However, it's important to consider whether you are willing to trade some speed for enhanced survival capabilities.

4.Great Axe and Hatchet Build: Melee DPS Focus

The Great Axe and Hatchet build prioritizes building up your strength. Start with 100 or 200 strength points and continue increasing this attribute. By level 60, you should aim for 300 points in Strength and 100 points in Constitution.

Choose full light armor to benefit from the double dodge roll, granting extra movement speed. The Hatchet serves as your primary weapon, while the Great Axe is your secondary choice.

This build thrives as a strong melee DPS-focused gathering build, easily accessible and unlockable early in the game. Utilize the Hatchet's Berserk ability to constantly gain a 20 movement speed boost. Additionally, the Great Axe's Charge ability provides a dash spell, allowing you to deal substantial damage in a short period while gaining speed.

5.Spear and Bow Build: Dexterity and Staggering Effects

The Spear and Bow build is the final build on our list. Begin by increasing your Dexterity from the start and aim for at least 100 or 200 points. By level 60, target 300 points in Dexterity and 100 points in Strength.

Equip light armor to benefit from the extra movement speed it provides. The Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment serves as your primary weapon, while the Lazarus Bow acts as your secondary weapon.

The Javelin deals 80% damage and inflicts staggering effects on enemies, while also granting constant movement speed. Combine this with the speed boosts obtained from dodge rolling with the Bow for maximum efficiency.

Selecting the right gathering build can significantly enhance your New World experience. Whether you prioritize speed, survival, or tactical prowess, these five builds offer unique advantages. Consider your preferred playstyle, the New World gold provided by MMOexp.com will help you explore the best gathering builds in the New World.

MMOexp New World Team