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The Guide to Housing in New World

Jan-15-2024 PST New World

In the vast world of Aeternum, the housing system in New World offers players a multitude of features and benefits. While it may initially seem complex and overwhelming, understanding and engaging with this aspect of the game can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. This guide aims to provide a overview of the housing system in New World, helping players make the most of this unique feature.

The Guide to Housing in New World

What is the Housing System in New World

In New World, housing is more than just a place to rest your weary adventurer. It offers a range of benefits that can significantly impact your gameplay. By owning a house, players gain access to several advantages, including:

Fast Travel: Houses enable fast travel to locations you own, with a cooldown ranging from 2 to 4 hours. The cooldown reduction time is based on the value of the house, allowing for quicker travel across the vast landscape of Aeternum.

Trophies and Buffs: Players can place trophies in their houses, which provide various buffs not only within the settlement where the house is located but also across all regions in the game. These passive bonuses can be invaluable, particularly in the endgame when every advantage counts.

Increased Storage Capacity: Owning a house boosts the storage capacity in the settlement where it is located. As crafting plays a vital role in the endgame, having extra storage space allows players to stockpile resources and materials, facilitating mass production of weapons and armor.

How to Purchase a House in New World

To acquire your own property in New World, you need to meet certain requirements and navigate the buying process. Each settlement can accommodate multiple houses, and while multiple players can purchase the same house, they will be placed in separate instances to avoid overlap. Here's a step-by-step guide on purchasing a house:

Reputation: Before buying a house, you need to establish a good reputation in the respective settlement. Attaining a Territory Standing of at least ten is a prerequisite for your first purchase. Your reputation with different regions will unlock access to specific properties.

Costs and Benefits: Houses are divided into four tiers, each with its own cost and benefits. The tiers are as follows:

Tier 1: Requires 5,000 New World gold and 10 Standing, with 500 tax upkeep (on average), 4-hour fast travel cooldown, and 1 storage furniture cap.

Tier 2: Requires 10,000 New World gold and 15 Standing, with 1,000 tax upkeep (on average), 3-hour fast travel cooldown, and 2 storage furniture cap.

Tier 3: Requires 15,000 New World gold and 20 Standing, with 1,500 tax upkeep (on average), 5-hour fast travel cooldown, and 3 storage furniture cap.

Tier 4: Requires 20,000 New World gold and 30 Standing, with 2,000 tax upkeep (on average), 2-hour fast travel cooldown, and 4 storage furniture cap.

House Acquisition: Once you reach level 10 in any settlement, you will receive a prompt to redeem the "House Ownership" rewards, unlocking your ability to purchase a property. Visit the settlement of your choice and search for available houses. As a first-time buyer, you will receive a 50% discount, so it may be wise to wait for Tier 4 houses to become available.

Purchase Process: When you find a house that interests you, approach it and press the "T" key to open the purchase interface. This menu provides information on the cost, taxes, and benefits associated with the property. Select the purchase option, and voila, the house is yours!

It's worth noting that players can own up to three houses in Aeternum. Strategically placing these houses in different settlements can create an efficient travel network. The level requirements to unlock access to the three properties are as follows:

Level 15: Unlock the first house.

Level 35: Unlock the second house.

Level 55: Unlock the third house.

MMOexp New World Team