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The ultimate guide to Leveling Up Faster in New World

Jan-06-2024 PST New World

New World is an expansive and immersive MMORPG that offers a variety of ways to progress and level up your character. If you're looking to maximize your leveling efficiency and reach new heights in Aeternum, here are some essential tips to remember.

The ultimate guide to Leveling Up Faster in New World

Focus on Main Story Quests (MSQs): The main story quests should be your primary focus when it comes to gaining experience points. These quests not only provide significant amounts of EXP but also serve as a guide for your character's progression. While it's important to engage in other activities like Town Projects and Faction missions, prioritize MSQs, especially if you have limited game time.

Keep a Lookout for Lore Pages: Throughout Aeternum, you'll come across Lore Pages that provide small amounts of EXP when discovered. These pages emit a distinctive blue glow, making them relatively easy to spot. While they don't offer substantial experience, picking them up whenever you encounter them will accumulate over time and contribute to your overall progression.

Choose Territory Standing XP Bonus: Aeternum is divided into various regions governed by significant settlements. Completing quests and activities within these territories increases your reputation and unlocks perks. To expedite your leveling, activate the XP Boost perk, which significantly increases the experience gained from quests and other ventures.

Complete Three Faction Missions Daily: Faction missions can be completed every day, but the first three quests offer the most experience. It's advisable to prioritize these missions before embarking on your leveling journey.

Tag Enemies Battling Other Players: Some quests require you to defeat specific monsters or targets, which can be challenging due to competition from other players. To complete these kill quests quickly, make use of a simple trick: tag or hit enemies that are already engaged in combat with other players. As long as you deal damage to the monster at least once, you'll fulfill the quest requirements.

Utilize Fast Travel Shrines: Travel time may seem insignificant, but it can add up to a substantial amount of gameplay hours. To save time and focus more on leveling, make use of Fast Travel Shrines. These teleportation nodes allow you to bypass unnecessary travel and allocate more time to actual leveling activities. Remember to empty your bags before teleporting to reduce costs.

Level Up Trade Skills: Trade skills can provide valuable experience points to aid in character progression. Mining and gathering are particularly useful skills to invest in, as they contribute to leveling and also prepare you for quests that require specific items. Aim to level both skills to 30 for a well-rounded character progression.

Use Food: Food consumables can be a valuable resource for quickly regenerating HP. Stock up on food before venturing out to ensure you don't waste time waiting for your health to replenish. Consuming a meal is a convenient alternative to resting at a camp or settlement and allows you to maintain momentum in your leveling journey.

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MMOexp New World Team